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    Mindful Awareness Training

    Welcome to Evolving Human, providing one-on-one and small group trainings in the Mindful Awareness system developed by Shinzen Young.

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    Mindfulness – the possible revolution

    “Science is being evoked both to confirm the clinical effects of mindfulness and to develop a theory that explains those effects. It is by no means certain that this line of research will be successful. But IF it is successful, consequences could be historic in magnitude.” Shinzen Young

Why Mindfulness?

Explore the human condition.

Improve the human condition.

If you have tried Mindfulness meditation before, and found it hard to do, or you are new to Mindfulness, I encourage you to explore this system, which offers a wide variety of methods for both ‘practice in stillness’ (sitting meditation), ‘practice in motion’ (moving meditation) and ‘practice in daily life’ (integrating brief meditations into the activities of daily life).

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