About Marie Ramos


In 2013, I decided to take a leap, and begin to teach Mindfulness. I have a 20 year background in Buddhist contemplative practice, and a genuine passion for it.
I met Shinzen Young in 2011 at the first Buddhist Geeks conference, and became intrigued by his unique style of Mindfulness training – finding it to be quite complementary to my background in Dzogchen. On my first residential retreat with him, as a result of his methods, I had major break-throughs in my own practice, and continued to do so, in multiple subsequent retreats.
I’ve been attending the monthly Basic Mindfulness facilitator training sessions with Shinzen Young and Soryu Forall since the Fall of 2012, and part of the commitment for that training, is that I teach. In August 2013, I started the ‘Mindfulness Practice and Support Group’ in Roseville, California, and am delighted to be able to provide this ongoing, local resource for this unique system of Mindfulness training.
I also facilitate discussion groups in the Buddhist Geeks community, which I greatly enjoy.

My professional background is in software development and systems analysis.

I would like to acknowledge a group of teachers and their communities, who have supported me, both directly and indirectly, on my path:

Ngak’chang Rinpoche (aka Ngakpa Chogyam) and Khandro Dechen, my Vajrayana Buddhist teachers for 20 years. My deepest thanks for their teachings, kindness, support, encouragement and inspiration, which gave me the foundation of my spiritual path.

Shinzen Young, the architect of the Basic Mindfulness system, and excellent retreat teacher

Teja Bell, teacher in body awareness meditative arts, who I am currently studying with

Soryu Forall, excellent co-teacher in the Basic Mindfulness Facilitator Training program

Ken McLeod, for his teachings and advice

Claudia Hanssen and Dan Jorgensen, for their teachings, retreats and friendship

John Travis, an excellent retreat teacher

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, for his teachings, books and creative innovations in bringing Tibetan Buddhist teachings into the modern world

Alejandro Chaoul, my teacher in the Trulkhor and Tsa-lung practices (Tibetan yogic practices) from the Bon, Zhang Zhung tradition

The Buddhist Geeks Community

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