Individual and Group Trainings

Offering one-on-one and small group trainings in the Mindful Awareness system developed by Shinzen Young.

The core skill set of Mindful Awareness training:

  • Concentration – the ability to focus on what you consider to be relevant at a given time
  • Sensory Clarity – the ability to keep track of what you’re actually experiencing in the moment
Equanimity – the ability to allow sensory experience to come and go without push and pull

A summary, by Shinzen Young

A) A person’s experience of self can be analyzed into two fundamental dimensions:

  • Their direct sensory experience of body and mind.
  • Their attentional relationship to that sensory experience.

B) A person’s direct sensory experience of body and mind can be parsed into four components (sensory categories):

  • Physical-type body sensations
  • Emotional-type body sensations
  • Visual thought
  • Auditory thought

C) A person’s attentional relationship to their sensory experience can be captured in three dimensions.

  • Concentration power: The ability to attend to what is deemed relevant at a given time.
  • Sensory clarity: The ability to keep the components of sensory experience distinct in awareness.
  • Equanimity: The ability to allow sensory events to arise without suppression and pass without holding.


We will refer to this threefold attentional skill set as “Mindfulness.”

D) For a given type and level of sensory challenge, a person’s perceived suffering will, in general, be inversely correlated with their level of mindfulness.

E) A person’s trait mindfulness can be dramatically increased through systematic training.

Perceived suffering can be permanently and dramatically reduced through systematic attentional training.

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